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Hemp Oil For Weight Loss

by MARK3 CBD |

Obesity is a complex problem. Personal habits and behavior certainly play a role in individual cases of obesity, but there are also genetic factors and predispositions at work. Appetite suppressants are helpful for many people who wish to lose weight, but unfortunately, some appetite-suppressing drugs that appeared on the market were later pulled from shelves because of dangerous possible side effects – like heart valve problems and suicidal thoughts.

Now it appears that the cannabidiol (CBD) molecule contained in hemp oil could be helpful for weight loss. CBD has sometimes been erroneously accused of causing weight gain, but this is due to confusion about the differences between hemp oil and marijuana. Although CBD products like MARK3 Full Spectrum Hemp Oil are derived from the cannabis plant, they contain virtually no THC.

THC is the molecule that causes the intoxicating effect associated with marijuana. It also causes the “munchies” or appetite stimulation. Since MARK3 Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has virtually no THC, users receive the benefits without increased hunger.

How Does CBD Promote Weight Loss?

Research shows that CBD can help with weight loss in two ways. First, it locks to the CB1 receptor, part of the natural endocannabinoid pathway in the human brain. If the CB1 pathway is occupied by CBD, then gene regulation changes that have an anti-obesity effect can occur.

It is important to realize that CBD does not change your genetic structure. Instead, it appears that long term use of CBD merely changes how certain genes are expressed. Human DNA contains many “junk” genes that are always turned off. CBD helps to switch off some of the genes that promote obesity.

Additionally, CBD helps control body weight by contributing to general wellness, positive mood, and pain relief. Physicians who prescribe CBD to their patients have reported that people who are suffering from chronic pain may get too little exercise and tend to overeat. Once hemp oil has reduced their pain and inflammation, patients are able to become more active and exercise more regularly.

Furthermore, you simply feel better overall when you’re not in pain. With the mood-enhancing effects of CBD, pain-free patients no longer turn to food as a means of coping with discomfort or depression. Even when CBD is not prescribed specifically for weight loss, doctors often notice that patients shed pounds once their pain and depression are less acute.

Additional Benefits of CBD

Weight loss, pain control, and mood enhancement are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the positive effects of CBD found in MARK3 Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Additional benefits include anti-inflammatory effects, anxiety control, sleep enhancement, and even applications for specific types of cancer and seizures.

MARK3 Full Spectrum Hemp Oil can help you not only lose weight but also feel and live better.