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Build A Family Foundation

1978 - The founders launched Cargus International Inc., a dental and medical supply company.  

1978 - In addition to serving dental and healthcare professionals in the United States, Cargus begins exporting medical and dental supplies to the European, Australian, and South American markets. 

1997 - After nearly 20 years of successful business as a distributor, Cargus launches a retail supplier business division. The mission: help dentists and dental professionals save money on clinical supplies.

Launch MARK3 Brand

2004 - The founders of Cargus launch a state-of-the-art e-commerce website to make ordering dental supplies easier and more convenient for dentists and their business managers. 

2006 - Following extensive research and development, Cargus introduces a line of products under the name MARK3. The new brand offers premium products at significant discounts, allowing dentists to maintain the highest quality standards while saving money on dental supplies.

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A Safe and Effective Alternative to Pharmaceutical Drugs

2019 - Cargus launches a new cannabidiol (CBD) product line under the MARK3 brand. With over 40 years in the dental and medical industry, the experts at MARK3 International understand how to develop and produce reliable, high-quality CBD products. Pain, anxiety, and trouble sleeping are common complaints among Americans. People from a wide variety of professions report experiencing neck, back, hand, or other chronic pain. MARK3 CBD can help alleviate symptoms of pain and anxiety as well as contribute to improved sleep quality. Industry professionals have depended on the parent company for high-quality, low-cost medical supplies for decades. With MARK3 CBD oil, everyone now has access to a safe, effective, and legal remedy that can improve their health and well being. People across the country are realizing that CBD products are an excellent therapy for anxiety, pain, and sleep disorders – without the risks and side effects associated with opioids and other pharmaceutical drugs.