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Dental Professionals

Dentists and dental professionals frequently contend with muscle aches and pains as part of their daily work. Dentists are often required to contort themselves into awkward and unnatural physical positions for hours at a time in order to perform dental work on patients. The physical discomforts associated with performing dentistry and how to treat these ailments safely and effectively can be a dilemma for dentists, hygienists, and assistants. 

A New Option

Until recently, the only options for dental professionals who suffer from muscle tension or pain were to visit a chiropractor or massage therapist – or turn to pharmaceutical pain relievers and muscle relaxants to alleviate discomfort. Unlike most prescription remedies, cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, are naturally occurring substances. However, until recently CBD products have not been readily available – or the legal status of cannabinoid-derived substances has been murky. This is no longer the case.

The CBD Evolution

Hemp and all forms of cannabinoids – including the safe and effective cannabidiol molecule – are now legal to produce, distribute, and consume across the United States. No one is happier than dentists and dental professionals about this development. They are now able to access a variety of CBD products from a well know leader in the healthcare industry. MARK3 is known in the healthcare/dental industry for producing the highest quality products and we have kept the same standards and quality controls and applied them to MARK3 CBD.