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Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: What’s the Difference?

by MARK3 CBD |

There is potential for a lot of confusion when you go looking for a CBD oil supplement. Inconsistent labeling is a large part of the problem. Since these products are largely new and are classified as supplements, names can be haphazard. You may find “hemp oil” or “CBD oil” or even “cannabis oil.” So, are they all the same, and which one is right for you?

Hemp Oil

Although the term hemp is often used interchangeably with marijuana or cannabis, hemp is actually a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant grown for industrial use. Industrial hemp contains little THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Instead, hemp is valued for its strong fibers. In the past, almost all rope was made from hemp. Today, hemp fibers are used in clothing, paper, bioplastics, and other industries.

Oil made from this strain of cannabis contains no or very little THC. Unfortunately, it also does not contain much cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid compound with many proven positive health effects. Simply put, it is unlikely that taking hemp oil will do much of anything. If you are searching for a helpful supplement, it is best to look elsewhere.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is very different from hemp oil. First of all, the two oils are derived from separate species of plants. Cannabis oil comes from Cannabis indica, better known as the marijuana plant that has been smoked or ingested for thousands of years. As you might guess, this origin means that cannabis oil has a relatively high amount of THC. This large THC concentration makes cannabis oil illegal in several states, even today.

Furthermore, cannabis oil does not have many proven therapeutic properties even today. This lack of medicinal benefit is due to low CBD levels. Really, recreational use is the chief application of cannabis oil.f


As the name implies, CBD oil is chock full of cannabidiols. Research evidence points to sleep benefits, reduced anxiety, better mood, pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and many other bonuses from CBD. Also, CBD oil contains very little THC or none at all. Full-Spectrum MARK3 CBD Oil has no THC, so you do not need to worry about impairment or failing drug tests.

In fact, Full-Spectrum MARK3 CBD Oil also contains many other cannabinoids in addition to CBD. All of these compounds are completely natural and have demonstrated numerous benefits both inside and outside the laboratory.

In summary: Hemp oil = low THC and low CBD, cannabis oil = high THC and low CBD, and MARK3 CBD Oil = no THC and high CBD. For better health and quality of life, the right choice is obvious.