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One Guy’s Experience with CBD Oil

by MARK3 CBD |

I write medical articles for a living, but this is probably the only time I’ve written a piece in the first person. I’m doing so to share my story with you. Let me begin by saying that, although I am not a doctor, I’ve worked in the medical field my entire adult life. While I certainly realize that anecdotes are no substitute for clinical evidence or the gold standard of double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed studies, I hope that my tale will be of some benefit to you, especially if you are considering trying CBD oil for yourself.

A Bit of Background

I’m 39 years old and in generally good health. However, I have suffered from sleep problems for over a decade now. It’s not that I cannot fall asleep. I have no issues there. Instead, I can only sleep for four hours at the most.

Like most people, I need about eight hours of sleep per 24-hour period to function well. Being limited to four hours at a time means that I tire quickly. I can work or play for about eight hours and then I need another sleep period. Frankly, it’s a lousy cycle, and I thought I had tried everything.

New pillow? Check. Temperature adjustment in my bedroom? Yep. I’ve consulted with a sleep specialist and undergone a sleep study. The results were “inconclusive.” I tried a CPAP machine with little benefit. Melatonin did help some, but the effects lasted less than a month. Doctors have recommended sedative medications, but these drugs can be habit-forming and make me lethargic when awake. No thanks.

Trying CBD Oil

Initially, I was not too enthusiastic about cannabidiol (CBD) oil. It’s not that I was afraid of side effects. I read medical literature on a daily basis, and I knew that CBD had no reported negative side effects. Rather, CBD oil simply sounded too good to be true. Anxiety relief, better sleep, even help with PTSD and seizures? I smelled snake oil.

But I figured I had little to lose. Upon first receiving my bottle of MARK3 Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, I read the instructions. A few hours before bedtime, I took one dropperful and washed it down with a glass of water. That night, I slept like a baby for eight hours.

Total bunk, right? Well, I guess the first night was only a placebo effect because night two and three saw me back to my usual four hours of sleep. Night four was different, however. After four days of taking MARK3 CBD Oil, I found sustained sleep again – and have enjoyed a full night’s sleep ever since with no negative effects.

I’m very fortunate that I don’t suffer from anxiety, depression, arthritis, chronic pain, or many of the other conditions that CBD oil can alleviate. As for my sleep, I truly thought I’d have to endure that frustrating cycle my entire life. Now, I can sleep when I want and enjoy true rest.

I would urge you to give MARK3 CBD Oil a try, even if you’re skeptical. Just like me, you will likely find the relief you seek.