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You Can Depend on Safety and Consistent Quality of MARK3 CBD Oil

by MARK3 CBD |

Not All CBD Products Are Made the Same

Whenever there is a product boom, you can count on unscrupulous individuals to try to take advantage of the market with shoddy or unsafe products. Unfortunately, such unethical behavior is currently unfolding in connection with the recent legalization and rapidly growing demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products.

The multiple, proven health benefits of CBD, along with recent change in federal legal status, have resulted in a robust CBD oil market. But CBD is a supplement, not a prescription drug, so its quality and safety are not regulated by government agencies. Some manufacturers and sellers are allegedly exploiting this lack of oversight, as reported in a report by New York’s NBC 4.

What Did the CBD Industry Report Reveal?

The results of the NBC 4 investigation were disconcerting. In a sample of locally available CBD products, reporters found numerous quality and safety issues:

·       Products containing less CBD than claimed

·       Products containing no CBD whatsoever

·       Dangerously high levels of pesticide in CBD products

·       High levels of lead in CBD products

Selling ineffective or unsafe products is unacceptable. Of course, some of the CBD products that were examined lived up to their claims and contained no dangerous substances – but how can you be sure what you’re getting every time to purchase CBD oil?

The MARK3 CBD Difference

Organic raw ingredients is one feature you should always look for in your CBD oil, and MARK3 Full Spectrum CBD Oil meets this requirement. MARK3 CBD oil is grown organically and third-party lab tested, which means you can be certain your CBD oil is always free of potentially dangerous pesticides, fertilizers, or other unwanted substances.

Next, you need to know where your CBD oil comes from. In the NBC 4 report, several CBD vendors tried to shift blame by stating they had simply slapped their label on a distributor’s product. This practice means that such vendors are not involved in the quality control process and may not have even know where the cannabis used in their CBD products originates.

This is not the case with MARK3 CBD Oil. Our CBD oil comes from cannabis grown in the United States, specifically Oregon. Our quality control measures are stringent, with verification of CBD levels, purity, and safety provided by a third-party laboratory.

Finally, the Cargus International reputation means you can trust our products. For over 40 years, we have been providing quality products and exceptional customer service.  Our goal is to make potent and pure CBD oil available to dentists, doctors, patients, and the general public so that they can enjoy better health without the risks and side effects often associated with pharmaceutical medications.


·       United States origin: grown and processed in the US

·       Organically grown: free of pesticides and heavy metals

·       Purity and potency: verified by a third-party laboratory

·       Backed by the Cargus reputation: 40 years in business and over 15 years in developing dental products.