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CBD For Pain Relief

CBD Oil Can Alleviate Pain, Swelling, And Discomfort Without The Side Effects Of Painkillers

CBD for pain relief

Neck and back pain is widespread among Americans, but the incidence of chronic pain is even higher among dental professionals. It’s not surprising. Dentists and dental assistants bend themselves into awkward and uncomfortable positions in order to perform dental checkups and procedures on patients. Such frequent contortions are often to blame for frequent neck and back pain assoiciated with muscle tension, tendonitis, muscular injuries, nerve root compression, and thoracic outlet syndrome.

CBD As An Alternative Treatment For Muscle Pain And Discomfort

Unfortunately, most treatments for neck and back pain are deficient in some way. Noninvasive measures include applying ice or heat as well as oral anti-inflammatory medications, topical analgesics, and resting. Extended rest is not an option for most dentists and their assistants. The remaining options are usually either ineffective or come with the cost of unwanted side effects.

Some healthcare professionals opt for more invasive treatments due to the severe and relenting pain they endure. But invasive therapies like epidural injections, spinal cord stimulation, and spinal surgery, are risky and recovery can take weeks. Ultimately, there is no guarantee such a procedure will alleviate pain for the long term. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, may be a better option to treat your chronic pain.

CBD For Chronic Pain Treatment

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a product derived from the hemp plant, and CBD oil has demonstrated beneficial outcomes for pain treatment. CBD oil has been shown in clinical studies to relieve muscle pain, arthritic pain, and spinal pain as well tension and cervical neck headaches.

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