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Are CBD and Hemp Oils Addictive?

by MARK3 CBD |

Cannabidiol-based (CBD) products are not addictive. Read more to learn why.

The United States is in the midst of an opioid crisis. Tens of thousands of people have succumbed to painkiller addiction and more become hooked every day. But severe and chronic pain remains a real problem for many Americans. Patients need a way to soothe pain as well as treat other problems like anxiety, inflammation, and trouble sleeping – without the risk of addiction.

Hemp oil containing cannabidiol (CBD) and other natural cannabinoids can help. Full-spectrum hemp oil offers a wide range of reported health benefits, including positive effects for these ailments:

·       Pain relief

·       Reduction of stiffness and inflammation resulting from arthritis

·       Restful sleep promotion

·       Reduced anxiety

·       Beneficial effects for cancer patients

·       Seizure reduction for certain patients

·       Migraine headache relief

·       Improved mood and depression relief

Many people have understandable concerns about addiction and dependence when it comes to hemp oil and CBD. Fortunately, these concerns are entirely unfounded as neither of these substances is physically addictive.

The Two Types of Addiction

Substance addiction falls into two broad categories: psychological and physical. The two types of addiction often go hand-in-hand. For example, someone addicted to nicotine will crave a cigarette and feel that they cannot go on with a smoke. They will also exhibit physical symptoms if denied nicotine such as shakes, irritability, and headaches.

No THC, No Problem

Hemp oil is derived from cannabis and contains CBD. Several strains of cannabis also produce THC, the chemical that produces a high when smoked or ingested. THC has never been demonstrated to be physically addictive, but heavy users can form a kind of psychological dependence. This dependence may manifest in the form of cravings, difficulty concentrating, and fixation on cannabis use.

However, THC content is a moot point when it comes to MARK3 Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. Our CBD products contain no THC. The absence of THC means there is no potential for psychological dependence and no risk of physical addiction.

CBD is Not Addictive

But what about CBD? MARK3 Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil contains CBD for a variety of health benefits. Fortunately, no studies have shown CBD to be addictive or habit forming. Study volunteers have not demonstrated difficulty stopping hemp oil that contains CBD but no THC. Furthermore, there are no known withdrawal symptoms from halting CBD use.

Patients may show reluctance to cease using THC-free hemp oil, but only because they value the improved health benefits that hemp oil provides. There is no psychological or physical dependence associated with natural and pure cannabidiol products.

Unlike pharmaceuticals like opioids and benzodiazepines, CBD has not been shown to alter brain chemistry. While you can certainly enjoy the effects of reduced anxiety and enhanced mood, not to mention the numerous physical benefits, you do not need to be worried about any type of dependence with THC-free hemp oil.