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CBD may be an effective treatment for dental anxiety

by MARK3 CBD |

Fear of dental care is a massive issue impacting patients and, by extension, dental clinicians. One study in the United Kingdom found that approximately half of all adults suffer from dental anxiety. Of course, such widespread trepidation concerning dental treatment contributes to reduced case acceptance and creates a host of other problems for dentists.

For example, dentists need effective and safe anxiety-reducing treatments to offer patients. Traditional medications can fall short, but CBD oil as a supplement has demonstrated profound usefulness with no known side effects.

Why Are Most Treatments For Dental Anxiety Not Enough?

Dentists currently have two primary weapons in their anti-anxiety arsenal: nitrous oxide and oral benzodiazepines. At first glance, N2O seems wonderful. Patients respond well to “laughing gas,” and it is rarely contraindicated. It can be used on pediatric patients and adults alike. N2O is easily reversible and causes no lingering effects. Finally, the gas has almost no potential for abuse since it is administered in the office and is non-habit-forming.

However, nitrous oxide is not particularly potent and may be insufficient for patients with severe anxiety, as many dentists report. Research suggests that dental anxiety stems from perceived pain severity, which is why it is important for dentists to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction in an effort to minimize anxiety about dental treatments.

Benzodiazepines are more potent than nitrous oxide, but these anxiolytic drugs have major potential drawbacks. It can be difficult to assess the duration of a benzodiazepine’s effects accurately. More importantly, these drugs are notoriously habit-forming and lend themselves to abuse or misuse.

CBD may be a safe alternative for reducing dental anxiety

Research has produced encouraging evidence for a variety of conditions alleviated by orally ingested cannabidiol (CBD). Applications range from aiding with sleep to pain relief CBD may help. CBD may reduce anxiety. In fact, both animal and human studies have demonstrated the anxiolytic effects of CBD oil.

Best of all, MARK3 CBD oil contains no THC, so it does not make patients “high” or have any physically or psychologically addictive effects. Patients can discontinue use without withdrawal symptoms, and CBD oil is extremely cost effective – especially when compared to prescription benzodiazepines and the price of nitrous oxide administration.

With its unique benefits, effectiveness, and lack of side effects, CBD oil is a may be a promising standard of care for treating patients suffering from dental care anxiety.