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CBD may reduce anxiety without risk of addiction

by MARK3 CBD |

If you are a dentist and suffer from chronic anxiety, you may want to consider CBD oil therapy. Dental care providers are often so concerned about patients that the anxiety interferes with their personal lives and even their dental practice. Anxiety is at epidemic levels in the United States, and dental professionals are no exception. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America asserts that 40 million adult Americans struggle with anxiety, making the condition the most common mental issue in the country. These numbers are not limited to certain segments of society. Sufferers include board-certified dentists as well as other dental professionals. Of course, anxiety takes many forms – from acute situational anxiety, like panic attacks in large crowds or while performing a dental procedure, to generalized anxiety over financial stress, business outcomes, and patient care.

Until now, society’s response to this massive anxiety problem has been largely pharmaceutical or no treatment at all. While talk therapy can help patients, many people do not have access to therapists or cannot afford therapy sessions. As a result, sufferers of anxiety often turn to anti-depressants, benzodiazepines, or other prescription drugs.

CBD as a Treatment Option for Anxiety

Benzodiazepines are powerful drugs. Abuse is frequent, and overdoses are common. There are also numerous health conditions that preclude the use of benzodiazepines. Unfortunately, even weaker anti-anxiety drugs have their drawbacks. Some are simply ineffectual for many patients, while others have negative side effects like weight loss or gain, sleep disruption, or even suicidal thoughts.

However, recent research has focused on potential treatments nearly as old as the human race – cannabis-derived supplements to reduce anxiety. Scientists have already discovered many benefits from these compounds: not the “high” from THC but rather the remarkable effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and other non-addictive cannabinoids on the brain and body.

What the Research Says About CBD Oil

While cannabinoid research is still ramping up across the United States and the world, we already have scientific evidence that CBD products are effective. For example, researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine found that CBD is a beneficial therapy for anxiety, depression, and even drug addiction. In addition, New York University School of Medicine investigators describe CBD as a potential treatment for multiple anxiety disorders. In fact, scientists have praised the benefits of CBD for problems ranging from generalized social anxiety disorder to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

CBD and Dentists

MARK3 CBD is now available to the public and dental professionals in the form of natural, organic cannabidiol oil. CBD oil contains only trace amounts of THC, so it will not produce a high or leave patients impaired in any way. CBD supplements exhibit minimal side effects or harmful outcomes in animals or humans. Additionally, full-spectrum CBD oil contains several cannabinoids besides CBD, which have shown beneficial effects for sleep, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and motiviation.

MARK3 CBD oil is the safe and effective way to control anxiety so you can provide the best possible care for your dental patients.