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Hemp Oil Could Make Cancer Drugs More Effective

by MARK3 CBD |

New Research Promises Positive Results

Not so long ago, researchers discovered that cannabidiol (CBD) – a compound found in strains of the hemp plant – helped to prevent the spread of certain types of breast cancer. Now further encouraging news has been announced. Scientists have discovered that CBD may help increase the effectiveness of anticancer drugs in the treatment of several specific cancers.

Here are the specifics: Researchers at Western New England University think that CBD may affect cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP). CYPs are mainly found in the liver, and these enzymes are responsible for metabolizing substances introduced from outside the body. Examples include ingested toxins as well as therapeutic drugs. So CYPs would definitely be responsible for how the body processes anticancer pharmaceuticals.

As CBD alters CYPs, it can also change how CYPs metabolizes anticancer drugs. This change may make anticancer medications more effective. In other words, CBD may help the body’s natural CYPs to enhance the benefits of anticancer drugs. These benefits could include quicker action, elimination of more cancer cells, and possibly making cancer drugs more effective at lower doses.

Hopefully, this research will be confirmed soon. If so, we can add this cancer-fighting benefit of CBD to an already impressive list, including:

  • Control of pain resulting from cancer and cancer treatment
  • Prevention of cancer migration in certain kinds of breast cancer
  • Relief of nausea and vomiting from cancer treatment
  • Appetite stimulation in underweight cancer patients

CBD Sources

So where can you find CBD? One excellent source is hemp oil. For example, MARK3 Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil contains a large amount of beneficial CBD.

Additionally, MARK3 Hemp Oil is full of other cannabinoids in addition to the CBD molecule. These cannabinoids work in concert to deliver enhanced health benefits in what is known as the “entourage effect.” These benefits include pain relief, arthritis improvement, decreased anxiety, better sleep, and other healthful results. It is quite possible that investigators will eventually discover that the entourage effect extends to CBD’s cancer-fighting properties as well.

Whether you use CBD-rich hemp oil to help deal with cancer or for other health benefits, you can always be assured of quality, organic purity, and laboratory-verified potency with MARK3 Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil.