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Want to Stop Smoking Marijuana? Try CBD Oil

by MARK3 CBD |

There is no question that the United States government has misclassified marijuana for many decades now. Reefer Madness is simply bad fiction, and marijuana has no business being in the same category as truly dangerous and deadly illicit drugs like heroin and crystal methamphetamine. Nevertheless, smoking marijuana does have several medical, legal, and social drawbacks. 

But quitting can be difficult. Many people depend on marijuana for sleep, anti-anxiety, and pain relief benefits. Also, while there is no evidence that marijuana is physically addictive, it can certainly be psychologically habit-forming. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil presents an attractive alternative to marijuana use and is backed by scientific evidence. 

Problems With Marijuana Use and Employee Drug Testing

Although laws are gradually catching up to the facts of marijuana, recreational use is still banned in many states. However, most states have now recognized the health benefits and absent psychoactive effects of CBD oil and legalized this supplement. Even if your employer still tests for marijuana, they are actually looking for THC – the psychoactive compound found in many marijuana plants. High-quality CBD oil, like MARK3 Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, contains no THC, so will not cause you to fail a drug test.

Furthermore, marijuana is not deadly, but it does have possible negative health effects. Smoking anything – tobacco or marijuana – is damaging to the lungs and can exacerbate pre-existing pulmonary conditions. Even if you ingest orally marijuana rather than smoking it, you risk consuming foreign material, pesticides, fungus, and other pathogens. MARK3 CBD Oil, on the other hand, is stringently processed and purified to the highest standards.

Researchers have discovered that many of marijuana’s anxiolytic or “mellowing” effects may actually come from the CBD in the plant rather than THC. In fact, many pot smokers have reported that high-THC strains of marijuana aggravate their anxiety conditions or contribute to paranoia. 

CBD Oil To Help With Marijuana Cessation

Marijuana isn’t like alcohol. If severe alcoholics try to stop drinking “cold turkey” without medical help, they risk life-threatening seizures and other issues. Quitting marijuana won’t lead to tremors or chills, but it can be difficult from a psychological point of view. Many users find they have grown dependent on marijuana for normal sleep or relaxation. 

CBD oil can help with marijuana withdrawal symptoms. A report from 2015 relayed the course of a marijuana-dependent young man with bipolar disorder. Treatment with CBD oil, starting at 24mg and gradually decreasing to 18 mg, eventually had him off marijuana and enjoying regular sleep. He also became gainfully employed and experienced a greater quality of life once he ceased marijuana use. 

MARK3 CBD Oil contains 1,000 mg of cannabinoids in a 30 ml bottle. That’s over 33 mg per milliliter. Just one full dropper a day can help end your dependence on marijuana.